Friesian horses have a long time been one of my favourite breeds of horses. They are so majestic and always remind me of something out of a fantasy novel! They're beauty is just exquisite with their intense colouring, flowing manes and tailes and flowing movements which always leave me breathless! 
I have strived to capture everything I love about with this study, from the flowing movements, richness of colour and their majestic look.

This beautiful Friesian has been drawn on 12x16" watercolour paper in coloured pencils and will then be reproduced and printed on fine art, archicval paper with lightfight and archival inks. Your print is gaurenteed not to fade for at least 100 years! 

Available in two sizes, each one comes, numbered and signed by myself along with a certificate of authenticity. 

75 x A4's

30 x A3's

His Majesty Limited Edition Print